isqbp events

The primary function of the ISQBP is the biannual President's Meeting. This meeting is designed to foster the mission of the society via a small format, single session meeting designed to maximize interactions amongst the participants. Meetings are typically held over three-four days including poster sessions and a meeting banquet. A list of past meetings is presented below.

Additional activities include symposia as well as workshops. In Fall 2005 the Gilda Loew Memorial Symposium was held at the CUNY College of Staten Island. The meeting brought together a collection of international scientists in both theoretical and experimental fields to honor the memory of Professor Gilda Loew, a pioneer in the application of computational methods to biological and pharmacological systems as well as an active member and past president of the ISQBP. The ISQBP was also a sponsor for a Theoretical Biophysics Symposium held in Örebro Universitet , Sweden. Other ISQBP functions include workshops designed to expose graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to computational methods.

Past ISQBP events


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